Sunday, October 2, 2011

it's about Thaim

Oh Thai food, how I love thee.  Creamy green curry, fragrant with hot spices and sweet with coconut milk.  Sticky jasmine rice that and makes me feel like I actually do know how to use chopsticks.  I've made green Thai curry and, while it's tasty, it's just never the same as getting it at a real Thai place.  And, I am delighted to announce that my lil' town has a brand new, dee-licious Thai place.  I'm so excited I could do cartwheels.  Except that I'm not actually capable of doing a cartwheel.  For some reason, I get afraid teetering upside down with my legs in the air and just flop over.  Sure, I've been on a zip line high in the trees of a South African jungle, but cartwheels, now those are scary.  

Anyhoo, I just had to share my Thai excitement.  My friends and I have a bit of Thai thing going...whether it's green curry, pad thai or panang curry, when several of my seminary buds and I get together, we always try to make time for Thai.  My mamacita and I had quite a lovely Saturday night devouring our newly discovered delicacies (she had the first plate...some delicious noodle dish) and then watching The Little Minister with Katharine Hebpurn (from 1934, set in Scotland!).  It was as wonderful as that delectable dinner.  Hope y'all are eating well these days!  What'cha munchin'?

Bon appetit,

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