Thursday, July 14, 2011

i just collard to say i love you

SUCH good collard greens.

Dawn (L) joining in for some of the Native American dancing
at the Multi-Cultural Conference.

We are very fortunate today, foodie friends of mine, because we have a guest post (yippee!) from my fabulous new friend, Dawn (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Multi-Cultural Youth Conference at Mo-Ranch). She may also be referred to as Queen of the Collard Greens. Get excited, y'all.
Hey Whitney,
Glad you enjoyed those collards. My recipe is very simple. As we were in Mo Ranch i didn't have the extra time to buy fresh collards, clean and cook them for almost 200 people, so I brought some already chopped and cleaned collards in the bag. The brand I purchased was Glory.
Ingredients used:
Smoked turkey leg or wing
Sea salt and pepper taste
one chopped sweet onion
one chopped red bell pepper
tsp. sugar or sugar substitute
Red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper to taste
Put smoked turkey in pot with water to cover the turkey. Added chopped onions/red peppers, salt, pepper. Brought to a boil and then added the rest of the ingredients, adding the collards last. Once all ingredients are in the pot, I let it simmer for about a hour or so stirring in between. When the turkey starts to fall off the bone i remove it from the pot and take only the meat and skin off the bone replacing it back into the pot of greens, throwing the bones away. Let cook under a low heat until the greens are tender checking the taste in between and adding any salt, pepper, cayenne to taste. Enjoy!
Thanks for sharing, Dawn! Can't wait to make 'em.

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