Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Welcome to my brand new blog on my favorite thing: food!

This will be the place where I share old recipes I love, new experiments in my kitchen and whatever other culinary adventures that happen to come my way. I'm a Presbyterian minister of the foodie variety and have shared many delicious morsels on my first blog, Glimpses of Grace, a place where I record holiness in the everydayness of life. I wanted to get a bit more creative about sharing my cooking and eating joys all in one place, and so this lil' blog was born!

Now, some of you who may have googled wild honey and randomly found yourself here will wonder what this "hold the locusts" business is all about. It's just where my nerdy theological self and food-obsessed self meet. You see in the Bible, John the Baptist is known for several strange practices: wearing camel hair (in the summer! in the desert! crazy!), eating wild honey (well, that's acceptable) and eating locusts (they have a nice...texture??). Yep, he was his own person. Hence, the name for this blog: a place where another strange religious-type seeks to enjoy whatever cuisine comes her way (with the notable exception of locusts thankyouverymuch). I hope you enjoy stopping by and I hope we share many meals together over this communal interweb.

And speaking of sharing meals...let's get started, shall we? You're gonna see a lot of pictures on this here blog because I love taking them and I'm a visual person, so sharing recipes that way makes the most sense to me. We're starting with something simple that I eat nearly every morning since being back in Texas, y'all: breakfast taquitos. In Texas, a taquito is a flour or corn tortilla filled with all sorts of delicious combinations with egg: chorizo (the BEST), veggies (like mine here), bacon & potato (beats a McD's bacon, egg & cheese biscuit every time) and anything else folks dream up. Mine are simple (like I said)...just egg, onion and bell pepper. This recipe's just to make my breakfast, so that's 1 generous serving. So, here we go:

You'll need couple of these round things. They're pretty much my favorite food.

Saute some onion and bell pepper (about 1/4 c each): red, orange or yellow, whatever you like. I find green bell peppers to often be bitter (must be jealous of their brighter cousins). One of the most basic important cooking tips from lilrevchef here: season every layer of cooking. Salt & pepper those veggies, they'll soften quicker and take in the seasoning. Cook until soft and starting to caramelize (brown) a bit.

Whisk those eggs together with the high-tech tool pictured above and, of course, s&p those eggaroos.

Cook 'em with your peppers & onions until they're as done as you like. I like mine pretty firm, but to each their own. Toss on some cheese, again as much as you like.

You'll need to heat up your tortillas. Put a cast iron skillet or grill pan on high heat, heat tortillas about 1 min on each side to get a nice char on 'em. You don't need any oil on the pan at all. Then fill those delicious tortillas with your scrambled eggs, top generously with hot sauce (that recipe will appear here one of these days) and enjoy! A fabulous way to start the day...so long as you have a nice cup of coffee to go with it. Don't ever forget the coffee!

Thanks for perusing my inaugural post. I'm looking forward to many more. I will be out of town for the rest of this week, so you might not hear from me til I'm back, but fear not, I'll have more tasty things to share. In the meantime, leave a comment!

Bon appetit!


  1. Yum! Love a good taquito for any meal of the day :) But my dear lilrevchef, a true south Texas taquito has refried beans! I know, beans and eggs sound a bit odd at first, but whether you use the authentic refried (full of fat but oh so delicious) or the non-fat canned variety (Rosaritas is my fav) it's a heavenly combo!
    There is a mexican place in the food court @ IAH (terminal C I believe) that makes a great taquito. You can tell because that's where all the flight crews are lined up to get their breakfast. So grab one the next time you fly south of the (Louisiana) border, and don't skip the beans!

  2. Hey Karen, that was the best refried beans commercial ever! They are de-licious in taquitos. I had no idea they had such good ones at the Houston airport! Great tip. Thanks for visiting my new blog! Btw, your chicken & black bean tacos are going to prepared (by me) for my whole family at our family gathering a Mo this summer. Though, I'm not making the tortillas (tsk tsk)...my HEB makes them fresh there and I want to save time for the river! Might need a guest post on those fabulous tacos at some point...

  3. I like this blog, lilrevchef! :) Added to my blog roll. I loves the food blogs!

  4. Thanks, Lynn! I'm having fun playing with my food. :)