Thursday, July 21, 2011

who ya callin' shrimp?

Driving an hour-and-a-half to Port Aransas, Texas just to appreciate the summery joy of the beach: worth it.  

Driving an hour-and-a-half to Port Aransas to appreciate the summery joy of the beach AND eat amazing fresh seafood from waters right beyond the deck of the restaurant: really, really worth it!  

There's nothing better than eating seafood while watching the water and hearing seagulls singing around you.  I went with my parents to Port A for the day (our shared motivation really was the seafood), and I fully intended on this hot HOT Texas day to have some nice light grilled shrimp or fish, perhaps with a little wild rice or something and water.  This is what I actually had:

An ice-cold Pacifico and...

...a massive crunchy basket of fresh fried shrimp and french fries.  

And while grilled shrimp (ever grilled shrimp on rosemary skewers? a-maz-ing!) would've been healthier, this was just fantastic.  Absolutely worth the trip!  For those of you relatively near a beach this summer: make the drive and load up on fresh yummy seafood.  For those of you who find yourselves a little land-locked these days, get to your grocery store and pretend you were just at the coast.  Happy summer, y'all.

Bon appetit!

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